About Us

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Mind Sky helps organizations improve visibility, reach, audience engagement and results of online communications through data-driven decision-making. We offer data collection and analytic services that deliver actionable information for improving websites, email blasts, social media campaigns and other online activities.

Mind Sky's systematic approach to online communication, years of technology experience, and commitment to the social sector enables us to empower organizations that work for a better world.

Our Approach

Mind Sky takes a goal-oriented approach to social media, search engine optimization, web analytics and web site development. We consider specific objectives and identify measures that make it feasible to assess the results.

Our Experience

Over the past 25 years, Mind Sky principal David Hollender has created solutions for better communications and effective operations for public, private and nonprofit sector organizations. Leveraging the power of new online tools, we put this expertise to work for our clients.

Our Clients

Mind Sky specializes in helping organizations that improve or sustain the quality of life of individuals wherever they may be — locally, nationally and internationally. Specifically, we offer services to help professional associations and causes, social enterprises and traditional for-profit businesses seeking to do good while doing well.

Our Values

Mind Sky is dedicated to creating a world in which we all can experience a high quality of life, cleaner air and water, well being, and fullfillment of our dreams. Idealistic? Yes. But we are practical too. By focusing our work on associations, social enterprises and innovative for-profits that deliver benefits to individuals and society, we contribute to the greater good while supporting our own families. And our commitment to a better world does not stop with with the clients we help.

Mind Sky is tech-savvy, community-minded, and customer-centered provider of online communication services. How can we help your organization?