Our Approach

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Mind Sky takes a goal-oriented approach to social media, search engine optimization, web analytics and web site development. We consider specific objectives and identify measures that make it feasible to assess the results.

Our systematic project delivery process helps assure that all necessary elements have been considered for delivering a quality product. Most projects are tracked through the following critical stages:


During the discovery stage, we gather information necessary to deliver a product that meets client needs.  We start by asking questions that lead to deeper understanding of specific goals and needs.  We also learn about client capabilities to assure that what we provide is manageable and effective when put into use.


Based upon what we have learned during discovery, we identify a specific approach for achieving our clients' goals.  Then, we create a blueprint for achieving them.  For Search Engine Optimization (SEO),  Analytics and similar services, we offer a project plan including deliverables and milestones.  For development of online tools such as web sites, we also create planning documents (for example, use cases) to assure proper functionality, information architectures to summarize content management structures, and wireframes to model how information is presented.


During implementation, we use planning documents to create solutions to achieve project goals.  During this stage, we produce the project's deliverables.

Launch Preparation

As a prelude to operationalizing our plans and products, we conduct quality assurance, prepare documentation, outline operational procedures, and offer training to clients. Our goal is the delivery of services that are functional, easy to use and helpful right from the start.

Measurement & Refinement

Within the framework of our product delivery process, Mind Sky offers opportunities for clients to obtain data as a by-product of everyday operations. Quality data can be a powerful asset for assessing effectiveness, determining return on investment (ROI) and refining outreach and operations.  We lay a foundation for achieving measurable results -- setting Mind Sky apart from many other providers.