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Listening to The Groundswell

LISTENWhile assessing the value of your social media tools by their ability to deliver metrics may not sound exciting, it is key to getting results, measuring ROI and convincing your boss or board of directors of their value.

The Branding Panic of 2009

Branding PanicWhile upstart bloggers and new-agey techies muse about trusting the crowd to define an organization's identity, communicators worry around losing control of their brand. Organizations will need to embrace a partnership with the crowd without getting lost in it.

Shut Down Your Web Site!

One of One Hundred of Many MillionNow that you have dumped many dollars and hours into the web, perhaps this would be a good time to ask what you are getting in return.

Sincerely Yours

Tag CloudThe pomp and formality that once punctuated intelligent discourse has been replaced in the Internet age by a more informal stream of communications that is broader and more frequent. This phenomenon offers insight into the impact and value of online communications on organizations building relationships to help meet their missions.

Look At All My Peeps

Twitter OverloadGoing online and facing hoards of fans and admirers can provide quite a lift in psyche and be good for business.  But can a mass approach to social media deliver strong relationships that help organizations achieve their goals?

The Eyeball Trap

Electronic Eyeballs The Washington Post recently published an article questioning the efficacy of online advocacy.  Their words conjured visions in my mind of the late 1990s when the key metric of success for dot-coms was the number of people who bothered to show up at their web site. What hasn't changed in the last decade is the human tendency to equate popularity with success. But to achieve true impact, communicators must move beyond the proverbial count of eyeballs to a measurement of actions that leads toward specific goals.

Relief From Twitter Overload?

Twitter OverloadLike a glutton, I have overloaded my list of Twitter feeds with interesting connections, newsblips, worthy organizations and other stuff that seemed compelling, at least when I signed-up. With all the excitement bubbling around Twitter and its myriad of uses, I thought I would share a few observations about the tool, its strengths, and challenges it poses for online communicators.

The Information Will Find A Venue

Newspaper SofaThe sun is setting on some classic forms of communication that many people know and love. Newspapers are slimmer, analog TV is off the air and much radio programming is over-packaged, rinsed and repeated. While old-style media is losing its role to younger online upstarts, some elements of its legacy may help us to use new online communication tools more successfully.

Communicating Over the Rainbow

Skittles candyReaching for a new way to attract young and tech-savvy candy-lovers, Wrigley company, maker of Skittles, unveiled a sweet new web site, built around today's most prominent social media tools. Embedding unaltered pages from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube and FlickR, it relies heavily on site visitors (often kids) to contribute content. The effort is bold in its extensive use of social media. But does it help help sell those fruity candy chews, and how might such an über-mashup of third-party services work for other organizations?

On Abstract Art and Social Media

Abstract Art and Social MediaWithout consideration of form and composition, modern art can appear to be a monument to amorphism. And so it is with social media. Its pallate of tools, from Twitter to Facebook, blogs and wikis requires context and form to bring forth meaning and clarity.

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