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They'll Talk, I Suppose

I recently learned from young film maker about a project to help young teens together explore issues of growing-up in the information age -- for example how to deal with cyber-bullies, managing time for school and friends and so on.

Nice cause, I thought, "so, how will you engage the kids?" He replied, "Well, we start with a video dramatization [i.e. a movie]. After viewing they can join our stand-alone [Facebook-like] social network." I said, "Cool... and then what?"

The Cost of Good Intentions

Good news from the cell phone company this week. Sign up for their family plan for 2 years and you can add a line for $9.99/month, they promise. Exceptions apply only when you try to add a line and they can't figure out how to make it happen. Closer to home, what happens when your organization makes a promise to stakeholders without providing staff with effective tools and training?

When Is Less Data A Competitive Advantage?

What happens to trust when organizations collect information from individuals for one purpose, then use it for another? In the information age, this happens all the time. I remember a (now defunct) online service that would send an email to remind you to send your mother a birthday card, get your car washed, or pay your taxes. At its peak, Lifeminders boasted over 10 million subscribers.

The Special Sauce At McDonalds

What do McDonalds Double Cheeseburgers have to do with building relationships online? Well, nothing directly, but the company's decision to move the Double from their dollar menu and replace it with the similar McDouble Burger illustrates how a savvy marketer can strengthen customer relationships through unusual solutions.

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