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The Branding Panic of 2009

Branding PanicWhile upstart bloggers and new-agey techies muse about trusting the crowd to define an organization's identity, communicators worry around losing control of their brand. Organizations will need to embrace a partnership with the crowd without getting lost in it.

Communicating Over the Rainbow

Skittles candyReaching for a new way to attract young and tech-savvy candy-lovers, Wrigley company, maker of Skittles, unveiled a sweet new web site, built around today's most prominent social media tools. Embedding unaltered pages from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube and FlickR, it relies heavily on site visitors (often kids) to contribute content. The effort is bold in its extensive use of social media. But does it help help sell those fruity candy chews, and how might such an über-mashup of third-party services work for other organizations?

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