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Watch Me As I Geolocate

However interesting and useful, the emerging capabilities of geolocation empowered applications present a thicket of social issues. These issues belong not just on the desks of legislators and in the dockets of courts, but also in the minds of those who advance and embrace these new tools.

On Abstract Art and Social Media

Abstract Art and Social MediaWithout consideration of form and composition, modern art can appear to be a monument to amorphism. And so it is with social media. Its pallate of tools, from Twitter to Facebook, blogs and wikis requires context and form to bring forth meaning and clarity.

Waving a Collaborative Flag

Much has been written recently about the ability of crowds to solve problems collaboratively. The rise of Google Wave and other collaborative online applications are making crowdsourcing a powerful and cost effective way to engage and energize stakehholders -- while getting more done.

Fundraising or Fools Gold?

Like an old-fashioned gold rush, the 21st century social media craze promises much to organizations who need to raise funds. At first it seems so easy to use the Internet to raise funds for a cause, association or for-profit business. But as users of Facebook's Causes application have discovered, it takes more than technology to succeed online.

The Virality of Good Intentions

To thrive in a world where the best and worst of news can be spread in an instant by almost anyone, organizations must increasingly live by the virality of good intentions to achieve their goals.

About Face From Online Powerhouse

Such an uproar about Facebook's new assertion that it forever controls all content that anyone posts on their web site. It only took a day for the company to take an aboutface on the issue, which offers a lesson for anyone who operates a web site or other online service.

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