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Watch Me As I Geolocate

However interesting and useful, the emerging capabilities of geolocation empowered applications present a thicket of social issues. These issues belong not just on the desks of legislators and in the dockets of courts, but also in the minds of those who advance and embrace these new tools.

Waving a Collaborative Flag

Much has been written recently about the ability of crowds to solve problems collaboratively. The rise of Google Wave and other collaborative online applications are making crowdsourcing a powerful and cost effective way to engage and energize stakehholders -- while getting more done.

It's Good For Me, Must Be Good For You

What would you think of a company that pressures customers to purchase a more expensive item just to get a less expensive one? Schrewd? Machievellian? Perhaps, just plain out of touch with their customers. It's okay to rant a little here because today I am talking about the phone company. There was a time that many of us loved to hate Ma Bell... and many feel the same way about her descendants.

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