information overload

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Help Us, Tom DeMarco

Abbey In Your FaceBack when interruptions came only from phone callers, occasional knocks on my cubical door and the alluring sound of a nearby ice-cream truck, noted author and teacher Tom Demarco wrote about the impact of disruptions in ones stream of thought.  Not a pretty sight, said Demarco, that as few as three interruptions a hour can skuttle all productivity. As the problem of information overload has increased in an age of pervasive communication, is there anything we can do to manage or mitigate the flow?

Relief From Twitter Overload?

Twitter OverloadLike a glutton, I have overloaded my list of Twitter feeds with interesting connections, newsblips, worthy organizations and other stuff that seemed compelling, at least when I signed-up. With all the excitement bubbling around Twitter and its myriad of uses, I thought I would share a few observations about the tool, its strengths, and challenges it poses for online communicators.

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