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Watch Me As I Geolocate

However interesting and useful, the emerging capabilities of geolocation empowered applications present a thicket of social issues. These issues belong not just on the desks of legislators and in the dockets of courts, but also in the minds of those who advance and embrace these new tools.

About Face From Online Powerhouse

Such an uproar about Facebook's new assertion that it forever controls all content that anyone posts on their web site. It only took a day for the company to take an aboutface on the issue, which offers a lesson for anyone who operates a web site or other online service.

When Is Less Data A Competitive Advantage?

What happens to trust when organizations collect information from individuals for one purpose, then use it for another? In the information age, this happens all the time. I remember a (now defunct) online service that would send an email to remind you to send your mother a birthday card, get your car washed, or pay your taxes. At its peak, Lifeminders boasted over 10 million subscribers.

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