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Sincerely Yours

Tag CloudThe pomp and formality that once punctuated intelligent discourse has been replaced in the Internet age by a more informal stream of communications that is broader and more frequent. This phenomenon offers insight into the impact and value of online communications on organizations building relationships to help meet their missions.

Be Kind To Lurkers

Even the word lurkers sounds creepy, but these online visitors who observe public conversations without ever chiming-in offer growth potential for organizations that host online communities.

They'll Talk, I Suppose

I recently learned from young film maker about a project to help young teens together explore issues of growing-up in the information age -- for example how to deal with cyber-bullies, managing time for school and friends and so on.

Nice cause, I thought, "so, how will you engage the kids?" He replied, "Well, we start with a video dramatization [i.e. a movie]. After viewing they can join our stand-alone [Facebook-like] social network." I said, "Cool... and then what?"

The Special Sauce At McDonalds

What do McDonalds Double Cheeseburgers have to do with building relationships online? Well, nothing directly, but the company's decision to move the Double from their dollar menu and replace it with the similar McDouble Burger illustrates how a savvy marketer can strengthen customer relationships through unusual solutions.

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