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Help Us, Tom DeMarco

Abbey In Your FaceBack when interruptions came only from phone callers, occasional knocks on my cubical door and the alluring sound of a nearby ice-cream truck, noted author and teacher Tom Demarco wrote about the impact of disruptions in ones stream of thought.  Not a pretty sight, said Demarco, that as few as three interruptions a hour can skuttle all productivity. As the problem of information overload has increased in an age of pervasive communication, is there anything we can do to manage or mitigate the flow?

Broadcast This!

Communication ManContrary to the immense buzz around Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and scores of other technology widgets, tools are not what make social media all the rage. Bigger news is a communications paradigm shift, away from broadcast as a means for getting a message out, and toward a more networked model of communication.

Listening to The Groundswell

LISTENWhile assessing the value of your social media tools by their ability to deliver metrics may not sound exciting, it is key to getting results, measuring ROI and convincing your boss or board of directors of their value.

Communicating Over the Rainbow

Skittles candyReaching for a new way to attract young and tech-savvy candy-lovers, Wrigley company, maker of Skittles, unveiled a sweet new web site, built around today's most prominent social media tools. Embedding unaltered pages from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube and FlickR, it relies heavily on site visitors (often kids) to contribute content. The effort is bold in its extensive use of social media. But does it help help sell those fruity candy chews, and how might such an über-mashup of third-party services work for other organizations?

Fundraising or Fools Gold?

Like an old-fashioned gold rush, the 21st century social media craze promises much to organizations who need to raise funds. At first it seems so easy to use the Internet to raise funds for a cause, association or for-profit business. But as users of Facebook's Causes application have discovered, it takes more than technology to succeed online.

Did I Really Say That?

Perhaps you heard about the job applicant who, after receiving an offer from Cisco Systems, sent a twitter message (tweet)

Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.

With an appropriate level of shock, others have commented on the apparent lack of couth exhibited by this supposedly tech-savvy individual. Why would any rational person do such a thing?

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