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Broadcast This!

Communication ManContrary to the immense buzz around Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and scores of other technology widgets, tools are not what make social media all the rage. Bigger news is a communications paradigm shift, away from broadcast as a means for getting a message out, and toward a more networked model of communication.

Listening to The Groundswell

LISTENWhile assessing the value of your social media tools by their ability to deliver metrics may not sound exciting, it is key to getting results, measuring ROI and convincing your boss or board of directors of their value.

The Cost of Good Intentions

Good news from the cell phone company this week. Sign up for their family plan for 2 years and you can add a line for $9.99/month, they promise. Exceptions apply only when you try to add a line and they can't figure out how to make it happen. Closer to home, what happens when your organization makes a promise to stakeholders without providing staff with effective tools and training?

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