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Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?As 21st century communicators, we thrive on a wealth of tools for collecting and analyzing data. But contrary to popular misconception, questions are more powerful than advanced technology, data and tools.

Is Twitter for Old People?

Twitter Geeks Get Anxious Where the conventional wisdom once held that the young are our early adopters, oldsters are beginning to help drive the pace of technology-based change.

Listening to The Groundswell

LISTENWhile assessing the value of your social media tools by their ability to deliver metrics may not sound exciting, it is key to getting results, measuring ROI and convincing your boss or board of directors of their value.

Shut Down Your Web Site!

One of One Hundred of Many MillionNow that you have dumped many dollars and hours into the web, perhaps this would be a good time to ask what you are getting in return.

The Eyeball Trap

Electronic Eyeballs The Washington Post recently published an article questioning the efficacy of online advocacy.  Their words conjured visions in my mind of the late 1990s when the key metric of success for dot-coms was the number of people who bothered to show up at their web site. What hasn't changed in the last decade is the human tendency to equate popularity with success. But to achieve true impact, communicators must move beyond the proverbial count of eyeballs to a measurement of actions that leads toward specific goals.

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