Maintaining A Connection

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Stakeholder relationships are built and maintained through consistent communication. The posts in this section explore the phenomenon of using online communication tools to maintain relationships.

Serious Conversation on Facebook

Even with the baggage of an existing Facebook culture and tools that seem to reinforce a cocktail party atmosphere, much can change and in short order. For example, Facebook Apps offer a platform capable of bringing rich new types of engagment into the mix, changing in the process how individuals an groups use the medium. As individuals and organizations experiment with Facebook as a medium, new uses may also emerge. In the face of intensifying innovation, the role of Facebook and other online tools will shift, hit new plateaus, create new best practices, only to change again. The constant is that the properties of the tools and culture of the community will shape Facebook and other media as they emerge.

Changes Come, Changes Go

Head of InnovationToday's best practices for online communication may soon seem as quaint as the recommendations of 20th century advice columnists like Emily Post, Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren. How can we keep ahead of the curve?

Stop Twitter, That's TMI!

IntermissionThough Twitter is powerful, convenient and ever-ready as a tool for broadcasting messages to fans and followers, communicators might be well advised to resist the temptation to share, share and share again.

Help Us, Tom DeMarco

Abbey In Your FaceBack when interruptions came only from phone callers, occasional knocks on my cubical door and the alluring sound of a nearby ice-cream truck, noted author and teacher Tom Demarco wrote about the impact of disruptions in ones stream of thought.  Not a pretty sight, said Demarco, that as few as three interruptions a hour can skuttle all productivity. As the problem of information overload has increased in an age of pervasive communication, is there anything we can do to manage or mitigate the flow?

Broadcast This!

Communication ManContrary to the immense buzz around Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and scores of other technology widgets, tools are not what make social media all the rage. Bigger news is a communications paradigm shift, away from broadcast as a means for getting a message out, and toward a more networked model of communication.

Is Twitter for Old People?

Twitter Geeks Get Anxious Where the conventional wisdom once held that the young are our early adopters, oldsters are beginning to help drive the pace of technology-based change.

Sincerely Yours

Tag CloudThe pomp and formality that once punctuated intelligent discourse has been replaced in the Internet age by a more informal stream of communications that is broader and more frequent. This phenomenon offers insight into the impact and value of online communications on organizations building relationships to help meet their missions.

Look At All My Peeps

Twitter OverloadGoing online and facing hoards of fans and admirers can provide quite a lift in psyche and be good for business.  But can a mass approach to social media deliver strong relationships that help organizations achieve their goals?

Relief From Twitter Overload?

Twitter OverloadLike a glutton, I have overloaded my list of Twitter feeds with interesting connections, newsblips, worthy organizations and other stuff that seemed compelling, at least when I signed-up. With all the excitement bubbling around Twitter and its myriad of uses, I thought I would share a few observations about the tool, its strengths, and challenges it poses for online communicators.

The Information Will Find A Venue

Newspaper SofaThe sun is setting on some classic forms of communication that many people know and love. Newspapers are slimmer, analog TV is off the air and much radio programming is over-packaged, rinsed and repeated. While old-style media is losing its role to younger online upstarts, some elements of its legacy may help us to use new online communication tools more successfully.

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