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Mind Sky helps organizations measure the impact of online communications, and use online behavioral data to improve outreach, revenue generation, service delivery, advocacy and other mission-critical activities. Featured Services Include:

Information Resource Audit

Your organization probably has significant data resources that tell the story of its successes and offer insight for addressing its challenges. Unfortunately, efforts to utilize data can be complex. In many organizations, valuable data go untapped because their existence is not widely known, technical issues prevent data sharing, full-potential of data sets may not have been recognized.

Mind Sky's Information Resource Audit helps you uncover the value in your data, providing an in-depth look at resources across the organization that support your mission.

Audience Research Services

It is no secret that audience wants, needs and challenges are valuable inputs when planning a new website, social media initiative, membership, marketing, professional learning, or advocacy initiative. Solid audience research can support decisions about website architecture, timing and content of eNewsletters, social media outreach strategies, design of new online tools or approach to developing a learning event. But obtaining and analyzing data appropriately can be a challenge.

Digital Analytics Reporting

Keeping up with stakeholders needs can be challenging in an online world. Regular data-driven insights provide quantifiable evidence of online communication success, and helps you pinpoint challenges to address. Mind Sky's Digital Analytics Reporting Service offers you ongoing insights to address questions that matter to support outreach, engagement, and a host of programmatic activities.

Online Communication Audit

Mind Sky’s Online Communication Audit provides the insights to re-energize your outreach and engagement activities online. By examining communication channels, content and audience responses, audits can uncover strengths, challenges and opportunities for taking your online communication to the next level.