Digital Analytics Reporting

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Keeping up with stakeholders needs can be challenging in an online world.  Regular data-driven insights provide quantifiable evidence of online communication success, and helps you pinpoint challenges to address. 

Mind Sky's Digital Analytics Reporting Service offers you insights to address questions that matter foto support outreach, engagement, and a host of programmatic activities.

Boost Revenue, Improve Services, Communicate With Impact

Actionable information, analysis and insights from Mind Sky help you ask relevant questions and formulate solutions that  boost revenue, improve services and advocate more effectively for your stakeholders. Whether you face a specific challenge, want to track progress toward a goal, or report successes to your boss or board,  we help you move forward with must-have information.

Answer Key Questions

By monitoring the response of key audiences to your website, email newsletters and social media activities, Mind Sky helps you understand how you are perceived and whether your outreach efforts are getting results. Insightful reporting and analysis addresses key questions, for example:

  • Are the right visitors coming to your website?
  • Are volunteers and donors energized and engaged online?
  • Are stakeholders taking actions you want them to take?
  • Are featured tools, resources and content worth the effort to develop?
  • Are social media, email blasts and public relations activities yielding results?

Gain Insights Every Month

Occasional surveys and focus-groups provide only a snapshot of stakeholder interests, needs and perceptions. Mind Sky  taps online usage data — automatically collected from your website, eNewsletters and social media activities — to provide you with updated insights every month

Actionable Information

We work with you to identify goal-driven metrics and create a dashboard that puts actionable information at your fingertips consistently, conveniently and painlessly. By replacing hunches with ongoing quantifiable insights, decisions are more reasoned and justifiable. Organized and attractively formatted reports are suitable for sharing with your team, boss, board or funders.  As a result, you and your organization stays on top of emerging trends -- enabling you to be more responsive to stakeholders.

Improve Your Decision-Making Process

Mind Sky's dashboards and analyses help you use data more productively.  In addition to monthly dashboard updates and analyses, we discuss with you the implication of emerging trends and help you identify appropriate next steps.  Acting as an adjunct to your staff, we are your analyst and advisor — extra support to help you achieve your mission.

Mind Sky Makes You Data Savvy

Whether you are interested in becoming more data savvy, or simply lack sufficient time or expertise to collect, analyze and interpret online information, Mind Sky has a solution for you. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a data analyst, we deliver information and insights to make you more effective, while saving staff time, resources and money.