Online Communication Audit

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Mind Sky’s Online Communication Audit provides the insights you need to re-energize your outreach and engagement activities online.

Review Communication Impact and Efficiency

By examining communication channels, content and audience responses, an audit can uncover strengths, challenges and opportunities for taking your online communication to the next level. Mind Sky helps you answer key questions about the efficiency, content and impact of your activities, for example:

  • Which channels contribute most to your success?
  • Are key audiences well served?
  • Do individuals feel overloaded by communication from your organization?
  • When are the best times to communicate?
  • Are inbound/interactive channels effective and engaging?
  • Are channels appropriately coordinated and cohesive?
  • Are you delivering the right content, tools and resources?

Understand Effectiveness of Communication Channels

Mind Sky audits examine how key audiences respond to individual communication channels.  We tell you which channels entice  audiences to act, and which are often met with silence.  We also identify potentially redundant or unnecessary channels, and opportunities for cost-saving cross-departmental collaboration. 

Align Content With Audience Needs/Expectations

Mind Sky audits provide information about the interests, wants and needs of your key audiences. Using behavioral data — drawn from website traffic, responses to eNewsletters and social media — we can assess the levels of happiness, confusion, and engagement of your key audiences. These insights enable you to consider the merits of creating new channels, revising content or even changing tag lines.

Insights To Improve Outreach, Engagement and Interaction

An online communication audit provides insights that are vital for improving your outreach, reducing redundancy and managing the cost of your online communication program. To make your website, electronic newsletters and social media channels work better together,  contact us.